Friday, August 28, 2009


I will be able to start posting new entries very very soon! Though I still am fairly busy at the moment, and I am most likely going to be even busier soon, I promise I would still manage to talk about randomness in here. After all, my being bizarro is actually required to be incorporated in this project that I will be doing.
BRB, very soon!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shoe Shennanigan

So since I haven't really had the chance to go out, dress up and shoot and all, yet, I have been obsessing over the soonest opportunity to get new pairs of shoes.
I most definitely need to reload THE ultimate shoe pile in my room.

[NOTE: These are not in order of my top preferences]

The Balenciaga "Lego" shoe (from a deleted blog entry). Now I know a lot of you might contest being that they don't seem very appealing. Thus, making it look unwearable. But aren't they just epic? They cost over 4,ooo US dollars so they surely are of great quality. Me like

The Balmain stud shoe by Giuseppe Zanotti. There are also another pair by Giuseppe Zanotti that I really love. I was never really a fan of the Gladiator shoe, but his version of the Gladiators are ust so sexy and I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of them

These Fendi wedged shoes that remind me of Star Trek (from a deleted blog entry),

Nike SB Blazer- optical (though I'd go for the low ones as well since high cuts don't really suit me),

The Marc Jacobs and Fendi Jelly collection which are also so retro. Very 80's. Me love.

The Christian Louboutin Privatita Slingbacks. It also comes in fluorescent green-- also with the signature red soul, which I think is what I would want to buy.

Doc Marten's in hot pink of course (I am just so bummed they don't have a branch here in the Pl.),

And last but not the least, The zebra fur platform pimp shoe with see- through aquarium heel! These are so fly and retro I love them. You tell me if it's a YES or a NO. =)

The Chanel Gun Shoe designed by Laurence Decade. Gun by Karl Lagerfeld. This design was part of the Chanel 2009 Cruise Collection

All pictures courtesy of google =)

That is all for now, I shall add more once new ones have popped in mind.

I promise my blog will fully resurrect very soon!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This site is temporarily closed, due to idiosyncratic accidents.
I promise, I will be back once I am well again.

To all my followers, BRB! ;)