Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I &hearts Zoey D!

So, I am on very loose schedule right now, since everybody's still getting back to their normal lives after the recent typhoon that ruined many households here in the Pl (Philippines). Hence, I have no work till Sunday.

Anyway, I was just watching
The New Guy on the Telly a while ago, and so I am so in the mood to talk about one of my favorite actresses/ people in coutesy of


I love how she is so bubbly and giddy and funky and cool and her awesome, hilarious fictional bands. One is Suburban Funk, from The New Guy where they performed Play that Funky Music White Boy... (dunno the title!hah)

photo courtesy of

and of course Manchausen by Proxy from Yes Man! which I was kind of obsessed with for a time.

photo courtesy of

Plus how much of a "Zoey noob" could I get that, I recently discovered her REAL band, She & Him, an indie- folk band, which apparently is as good as her acting! I am so relieved! Joy!
In conclusion, she really IS AWESOME. :>

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