Saturday, September 26, 2009

Super Typhoon

For the first time in months, I did not need to go to work or anything, today. All I had in mind, was to spend my Saturday at home, blogging. Sadly.....
Bagyong ONDOY had to ruin it all!!!entire outfit is from Speedo

I was not only a Fashion victim today, I had to experience being a natural disaster victim who was practically homeless for 5 hours. Luckily, we have friendly neighbors above us who opened their house to us. My family and my neighbors in LGM, who I've been friends with my entire life.
My friends and I all tried to help save other neighbors in the ends of the street, who got stuck in their houses. I literally swam on the road, where you could smell the stench from the canals and see dead dogs floating everywhere. (It was the saddest thing ever.) On a lighter note though, we, including our belongings, were all safe. Plus the fact that my friends (who I consider my family) and I, got to reunite once again and be together.

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