Tuesday, September 22, 2009


To anyone who cares!

Before I get back to the posting of photos, writing reviews and such, let me update you guys on my life so far.
Yes. I am facing the biggest problem right now, for I have [temporarily] stopped going to school. I was a fashion student in a University here in Manila, but as I was fixing my papers to move, and from there, my life has run very differently and not as I had foreseen. I am back in the Showbiz industry, in which I am very happy and excited about, but it just hurts me that I don't seem to be able to balance my time in it with my love for the world of fashion. Luckily, these two worlds aren't so far away from each other.
SO, my new site will mainly be focused on my life as an actress (and hopefully as a vj). I'm hoping I wouldn't lose readers because of this, because I guarantee this would still be as interesting, if not way more. I promise though, to still let my entries concentrate in its artistic/ stylish side. :-)

I kind of restarted my year through the Star Magic Grand Ball held last August 30, 2009. It served as a self-proclaimed comeback for me, since it was the first Televised event I had attended after 8 months of living the "private" life.
dress by: Jontie Martinez
photo courtesy of Star Magic


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